Floor Plans

There are 2,426 condominiums including 252 patio homes, 64 townhomes and 5 styles of high-rise buildings. The high-rise buildings are named ALPHA (twelve 4-story building), SOMERSET (twelve 6-story buildings), SEVILLE (six 6-story buildings), ATRIUM (four 6-story buildings) and OMEGA (one 3-story building).

All buildings except Alpha have under-the-building parking. The twelve Alpha buildings have detached covered parking. In addition, all properties in all buildings except the Alpha buildings have laundry hook-up in the units. The Alpha buildings have a central laundry facility on the second floor. All buildings have elevators.

The owners of homes in the six Seville buildings maintain and own their own swimming pool and tennis court. Representatives from each Seville building are elected to a Seville Recreational Association governing board of directors. An annual fee is paid by each Seville owner to maintain these recreational facilities.

Heather Gardens condos range in size from a one-bedroom, one-bath unit with 780 square feet to an executive unit with three bedrooms, three baths and 2,364 square feet. The most common unit size is 1,200 square feet with two bedrooms and two baths.

There are over 20 separate floor plans, all of which are variations on the floor plans illustrated below.